3RD PARTY Support

eHRMS supports various biometric devices and LDAP. It can be customized as per your requirement.

GEO-Location Check-In

Geo – Location based Check-In and Check-Out is also available on mobile app and desktop both.

FULLY Customisable

Every business is different from others. So we have introduced a solution to implement company policy and rules as per needs.

Need of eHRMS

Configurable Workflows

Provides a configurable framework and page interface to implement Organization workflow to improve business process flows.

Centralized Database

More cost effective than other types of database systems as labour, power supply and maintenance costs, data redundancy are all minimised.

Single sign on

Accomplished using the LDAP. This reduces the password fatigue & time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity.

Integrated functional modules

Independent functioning which in turn produces quick results and offers robust and accurate amount of flexibility to programs

eHRMS – Overview

eHRMS is the answer to all human resource functions clubbed into one package that include benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review. Manage your organizational duties from any corner of the world by using this cloud based real time Geo Location tool. it has easy to use features that can be used to modify as per the company policies and rules.

eHRMS software takes care of the following activities

Recruitment & Onboarding Management:

  • Build a productive workforce and gain the fruits of trusted, devoted and allegiant employees.
  • Group all relevant human resources, payroll and benefits forms helping the new employees in many ways.
  • Constant communication, feedback, and performance measurement — all keys to employee longevity and loyalty.
  • Increase long term job satisfaction, retention, and effectiveness
  • Make the process easy for the employer and employee.

Employment Letter Generation with Unique ID

  • Create complete unique identity for an employee.
  • Track employee details right from employee letter generation to every administrative step.
  • Add legitimacy to any task or achievement making the employee work more valid.

Employee Database Management

Employee Database Management is a process that creates a source where particulars about the employees are added and behaves as a ready database that can be accessed by the organisation and employee when needed. Basic Details, Work Details, Career details or Educational details all can added to this directory. Details like Contact information, salary information, posts, work schedule, education information etc. can also be added to this source.

Performance Management, Alerts & Reminders, Memos, Bulletin

A platform that provides an opportunity for the employees to work closely with their managers. Managers too can objectively plan, monitor and review the workflow and contribution of an employee towards the organization. Continuous setting of objectives, analyzing the performance with on-going training and feedback make it very easy for the management to monitor the performance of employees.

Any urgent tasks or ‘to-do-lists’ can now be done by setting simple ‘Reminders’ by just a click away. You can also view tasks that are on priority for the day or schedule a task to be performed at some time later by outlining the details in the alarm message.

Memos and Bulletin boards displaying the latest and up-to-date information is critical for most workplaces. The eHRMS software gives a chance to design screen contents according to your own requirements.

HR Reports, Document Center to Manage HR Policy Manuals

Cut back on the long hours spent compiling lengthy and voluminous HR policies. Companies can design their own HR manuals as per their needs and wants by following simple steps as per the software guide. eHRMS is a customer friendly software that will help you manage HR reports and cover day-to-day workplace operations and general employee policies. Customize, edit, preview, publish and distribute copies of HR Policies throughout the organization or on your Intranet.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Transparency holds the key to success for any business model, regardless of company size. The more transparent an organizational policies are, the better the employee satisfaction. Employees want to know where the company is headed, what the company is all about what its long term goals how they will be involved in achieving these objectives. TO communicate this to your employees a strong tool like eHRMS will serve the purpose.

HR Management Software Features

A wide array of user-friendly features of eHRMS helps you to plan, manage, and review your workflow with ease. The features enable you to increase productivity, reduce errors, and have an easy access to data to keep up with emerging business complexities and challenges. All the modules are well designed and connected to each other and work in tandem. Add more value to your business process by choosing this software tool.

Our Software

  1. 1
    Admin Function

    • Admin Dashboard
    • Customized MIS Report Generation
    • User ID Creation and Management
    • Access, Rights and Permission Controls
    • Personalize URL

  2. 2
    Base HR Module

    • Employee HRIS
    • Employee Payroll Information
    • Calendar
    • Talent Management
    • High Potential employee Identification

  3. 3
    Employee and Manager Self Service

    • Employee Login
    • Applications and approvals
    • Records and Archives
    • Disciplinary Action
    • Reporting Relationships & Department

  4. 4
    Learning and Development

    • Training Needs
    • Training History
    • Training Calendar
    • Application and Approval
    • Feedback on Training

  5. 5
    Selection and Recruitment

    • Manpower Requisition From
    • Resume Database
    • Shortlisting
    • Scheduling assistant
    • Hire approval

  6. 6
    Payroll Management

    • Compensation Record
    • Investment Declaration
    • Tax Calculation
    • PF & ESIC
    • Form 16

  7. 7
    Travel and Reimbursable Management

    • Application
    • Approval
    • Track status
    • Archives

  8. 8
    Leave Management

    • Leave Types
    • Leave Application
    • Leave approval and cancellation
    • Leave History

  9. 9
    Work Life Management

    • Time and Attendance Management
    • Facilities (PC, Laptops, Internet etc)
    • Birthday/Event
    • Employee Benefit

  10. 10
    Performance Management

    • Goal Setting
    • Goal Cascading
    • Development Plan
    • Increment and Promotion

  11. 11

    • Notification of Exit
    • Relieving History
    • De-activation of user

  12. 12
    Mobile App

    • Geo Location Tracking
    • Check-in & Check-out
    • Notifications

  13. 13

    • Sharing of Information and resources
    • Circulars
    • Announcements

  14. 14
    Document Management

    • Digitization of documents and existing records
    • Editing
    • Tagging

  15. 15
    Third Party Integration

    • LDAP
    • Biometrics Devices

  16. 16
    Employee Engagement

    • Share thoughts
    • Blogs

eHRMS- The software to reckon with to elevate your services!

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