HR Starter Package

You’d be surprised to learn how often we have business owners come to us for help because they’ve copied a contract they found online for use in their business, only to find it wasn’t the best thing to do. The problem is, when a situation arises and your documents either don’t cover your policy, or they are contrary to policy, you could end up in a lot of trouble. We’ve also seen cases where companies have used documents they’ve found online that are not compliant to current employment law, which can also end in disaster.

If you need documentation, speak to professionals. There is a lot of legislation relating to employing people, so it’s important that you have everything in place to safeguard both you and your employees as far as possible.

If you’re getting ready to employ your first member of staff, or if you already have a small team but you’re unsure if your documents are in order, our starter pack is for you. This is designed to save you time and give you reassurance that your documents are covered. We’ll also give you any guidance you need when hiring that first employee.

We create bespoke documents containing all the relevant content for your sector that is accurate, up-to-date and legally compliant. We’ll even personalise your documents with your company logo where appropriate.


After a short questionnaire, we can tailor your bespoke documents, including:

An employee handbook
A contract of employment
Standard forms (such as annual leave and sickness forms)
Guidance on how to put together employee files and what to include in them

You will also benefit from two hours of consultancy time with one of our experts, priority invitations to our events, and exclusive member offers.

We save you time by
  • Drafting, printing and issuing contracts to your employees, rather than you are using mail merge to do it yourself.
  • Creating additional policies which we include in your handbook – policies that are specific and important to your business.
  • Giving you consultancy advice on key people management and development challenges in your business, the best ways to recruit, managing the probationary period, and designing effective induction programmes.
  • Spending time with your team to go through the handbook and answer any questions that may arise.