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Thauleemu is a comprehensive website on the Maldivian education system. It features various private schools, colleges and universities, public universities, polytechnics and professional bodies in Maldives. Students can obtain information on the educational providers they are interested in and check out the courses/ programmes and facilities that these institutions offer. Other pertinent sections in the website include edu-financing such as scholarships and study loans, discussions and current updates on the local education front.


To promote Maldivian education by providing reliable and comprehensive information supported with cutting edge technology.


Providing good services by offering quick response to the queries and employing cutting edge internet technology so that it is a user-friendly site.

Matching the education demand and supply by connecting the educational institutions to students through a click of button.

Providing comprehensive, accurate information about Maldivian education.

Projecting the good image of Maldivian education and to support Maldivian educational institutions to compete effectively with other countries.

Serving as a most powerful and effective online marketing media for Maldivian educational institutions.